John Phillips Family Tree

The John Phillips Family Tree by Antonette Tillman and Shirley Tillman

annie murray
Annie Murray Phillips


One way to ensure knowledge about family traditions and history gets passed on is through cross-generational projects.  Shirley Tillman and her granddaughter, Antonette Tillman, worked together on a project  to create a partial Phillips Family Tree with photographs for John Phillips, Sr. and his wife, Annie Murray, in time for the 2016 family reunion.  Shirley and Antonette hope to add more photos and details with the help of other family members.  Click here to see the Phillips Family Tree.

If you have photos for members of the John W. Phillips family, please contact Antonette via the Contact Page for the Head website HERE.

Research Note:  The photo associated with Wyatt Head in the family tree is from the book Morgan County, by Lynn Camp.  See The photo in the book is labeled "an unidentified man".  I interviewed Minnie Peek, who contributed the photo.  She said she got it from a box of photos her mother owned and didn't know who it was, but she agreed the man in the photo looked like Wyatt Head.

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